I forgot my……



I hope your 2014 is going great so far!


My top running tip for you this week comes from a

simple mistake I made this morning.


I forgot my watch!


It didn’t help that I was doing a tough session, and

I would usually like to know the times of my runs to

use them as a benchmark of my fitness.


The session was a 10 minute warm up, followed by

4 x 1 mile efforts with 2 minutes rest and then 10 minutes

run home.


I was hoping to run them at my target half marathon pace

or possibly a little quicker.


Anyway – I took the positive from the situation and

realized that it was a good thing because

I was running by how I felt rather than chasing



Maybe you could try it out this week

when you’re out running?


Try going out for a run WITHOUT your watch.

Enjoy yourself and forget about the distance,

time and pace and just run how you feel on that

particular day.


Let me know what you thought of it if you do

decide to try it out.



Thanks for reading,




P.s. If you’re keen on trying new things this year with your running. My trail running club starts this Sunday at 9am. We meet in South Shields and surrounding areas each week to try out the best trail running routes, followed by post run coffee and breakfast. It’s a great way to start your Sunday morning! You can find more details at www.runeatsleep.co.uk/trailrunning

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