Use This Simple Running Tip Before 2014 Arrives


I hope you had a great Xmas and got to spend
some time with friends and family.


I love xmas as everyone just relaxes and has a good time.



Sometimes your training and eating habits get a little crazy and nobody seems to know what day it is.



Very strange!



To help you get back on track before January, I wanted to share with you a cool tip to use to get the most out of your training this year.



It’s quite simple really…..



Get a YEAR PLANNER for your office/bedroom wall. (You can get them at most stationary stores.)



It’s really helpful to map out your planned running events and see how many weeks/months you have to train for them.



It’s also good to make sure you put it up
somewhere you can see it all of the time so it’s always on your mind.  



I find this helps me keep motivated and on track when I don’t want to get out as much.



It’s such a simple tool but it will really benefit your Running.


Let me know when you get one, and which races you have lined up next year!

Thanks for reading,


Luke Adams

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