Run with Luke

 Personal coaching with Luke is a great opportunity for those looking for more focused support & guidance with their running & fitness. 
Before joining, Luke offers an initial phone call to discuss your current fitness & what you’d like to achieve. 
The 1:1 coaching option includes…
1. Running Technique Assessment & guidance on how to improve
2. Weekly private coaching sessions with Luke guiding you and offering motivational support
3. Advice on training on your own & how to structure your weekly training 
4. A variety of training sessions suited to helping you improve towards your goals
5. Help with building up your distances & mileage
6. Confidence building & learning getting enjoyment from your running
“Well done Victoria! Since starting and only being able to run 1 kilometre,  she has completed the Great North Run and takes part in regular trail events from 10km – half marathon distance. Great progress & consistency!” 
“A huge well done to Sylvia for her progress after a whole year out, following major knee surgery and rehab. 3 months later We’ve gradually progressed her training to get back to running regularly and today she’s completed a 12 mile run. Great to see her getting back to her best.”
“Great work by Judith over the last few months. We’ve increased her distance from 5km (3 miles) up to 8 miles, improved her 1 mile & 5km times and helped with her running technique. It’s always a pleasure to help with her running!” 
“Well done to Gary on his first few months of training and completing his first 10km event! It’s been great to see his progress & confidence to take on bigger running goals & targets!”
Luke is a qualified running coach & experienced local runner with best times of 15 mins for 5km, 32 minutes for 10km & 70 minutes for Half Marathon / Great North Run. Luke is passionate about helping people of all abilities to feel good about themselves through running & fitness. 

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