How to take 60 seconds off your parkrun Time




I hope you had a great weekend.


I’m guessing if you opened this you’ve

took part in a parkrun and would like

to know how to improve your time.


Well, You’re in Luck – I’m going to show

You exactly how to do that.


This weekend 5 of my members

ran HUGE personal bests at the

South Shields parkrun.


Some of them 2 and a half minutes



I thought I’d help you out and share

some of the secrets of their success in a live

webinar on Thursday Evening.


This is completely free, and will basically

be a live presentation where you can tune

in and listen to my top tips from your laptop,

Pc, iPad or some other device.


I’ll be starting it at 8.30pm and you’ll need to

click the link below to register….. 


After registering you’ll be provided with a link

to follow on Thursday evening and you’ll get

access to my presentation and a chance to ask

me any questions.



Hope to see you there!



Thanks for reading,



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