20 or 21 things you didn’t know about me….

20 or 21 things you didn’t know about me….



I’ve been meaning to write this post

for a long time, but putting it out

there for you to read scared me a little.


Like everyone, I was scared to tell people

about my struggles and didn’t want people

to know.


But I’ve decided I wanted to tell you all

of my stories so that you get to know

me more and learn about my journey.


This post isn’t running related, and some of it

Is pretty personal (you might hate it),

but I do hope you enjoy it. I had fun

writing it even though I wasn’t sure

whether to send you it.


So here goes….. 20 or 21 things you

Didn’t know about me.



1. I was on a life support machine for 4 days when I was 17 after contracting meningitis.  


2. I don’t like being the centre of attention


3. My previous jobs included being a paperboy, mcdonalds, woolworths, bar staff and social worker before becoming a sports coach and then personal trainer/fitness/running coach.


4. My dad and my brother have represented their country in their chosen sports. 


5. I don’t yet know what I want out of life.


6. I used to play guitar and sing/scream in a punk band called Liberation Now. I still love fast noisy music. Propagandhi are my favourite band – they’re from Canada and you probably haven’t heard of them. 


7. I have Sir Alex Ferguson’s and Roy Keane’s autograph – 2 of sporting heroes! 


8. I did a skydive in Las Vegas this year. I was scared to death but it was amazing!


9. I’ve struggled with self confidence and still do a little. I’m not sure why.


10. I struggle to keep concentration on anything for longer than  

ten minutes.


12. No matter what I achieve, I am very rarely satisfied.


13. I love coaching people and I’m really really good at it.


14. I doubt myself a lot and sometimes I need people to tell me “You can do this Luke”.


15. I was born with an undescended testicle and had to get an operation to have it put in the right place.


16. I’ve read more books in the past 12 months than I have in my whole life.


17. I tripped up and fractured my eye when I was at infants school. I have a metal plate that keeps one of my eyes in place.


18. I hate being late


19. I love writing and it makes me feel really creative. I hope to write my own book at some point.


20. One of the biggest things that makes me smile is when somebody tells me I’ve helped them.


21. I really hope you enjoyed this post



Thanks for reading,



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