How Getting Caught Speeding Can Help Your Running…..


Yesterday I got caught speeding….


Right outside my front door!


Absolute nightmare.


I had a few things on my mind and

just simply lost focus on my driving and

didn’t realize I was going over 30 miles

per hour in a 20 mile per hour zone.



I think I was anyway!


The policeman was pointing at me and everything!!


I didn’t even see him until I passed!


I felt so stupid.


Anyway – this got me thinking about

One of my athletes said to me the other

Day about their running.


They said they lose focus or can’t push

Themselves while they’re running an

events or in training.


They start off at a good pace but then slack off.


Their mind wanders.


They slip into a comfort zone.


A little like me in my car yesterday.


So here’s my top tip for keeping focused and hitting
a faster time….


(You can use this in your training sessions
this week or at a parkrun)


In your head, split the distance or time into smaller



For example – think about a 5km distance.


Split it into 5 x 1km’s.


Or if you run a 5km in 25 minutes – split it into 5 x 5 minutes.


At the end of each km or 5 minute block….


Ask yourself….


Are you pushing yourself at the right intensity?


Are you going at the correct pace?


Are you running too fast/too slow?


Can you give more?


How is my breathing?


Are my legs okay?




Thanks for reading,


I’d love to hear how you get on.





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