7 Ways to Run a New Personal Best

7 ways to run a new Personal Best





Lots of people talk about training hard and getting faster,

but there’s other ways you can get faster too. 


Most people train for only a few hours per week (some

people a few hours per day)


But what about the other hours in the day/week? They’re just

as important to your progress as the training itself.



Think of it like this…. For every positive change you

make to your lifestyle, you COULD be knocking an

extra 1-3 seconds quicker on your next run.



7 x 1 changes to your lifestyle = 7 x 3 seconds quicker


= 21 seconds



Take these 7 steps over the next 4 weeks and test yourself

In your next race.



1. Nutrition – Eating a healthier meal each day – e.g. breakfast.


Try not to change too many things at once with your

nutrition. There’s no rush

to lose weight fast, and it’s easier to maintain

if you make 1 change at a time. Start with your

breakfast. My favourite is natural yoghurt,

berries, a handful of nuts & granola.


2. Sleep – Getting an extra hours sleep


Turn off your ipad, iphone, laptop or tv an

hour earlier and settle down for an earlier

night. It’s been suggested that the hours

you sleep before midnight are more beneficial

than the hours after midnight.


3. Water Intake – A good guideline is 1 litre for

every 20kg you weigh. Be careful not to drink

too little or too much. Try to find a good amount

for you. You should start to feel better, more alert,

and more energetic when getting the correct amount of fluid.



4. Strength – Improving your core, upper body and

leg strength


Use the following fitness session as a starting point….



5. Positive Mindset

Go into your run believing you can run well.

If you go into it thinking you will run badly,

chances are you won’t be happy with your run.

Be positive whatever the outcome. If you don’t

hit your time, think of it as a good training session.

If you run a good time/position, look for the next

run and aim to improve again.


6. Get up earlier

Most races/running events start in the morning.

The majority of people can feel a little tired going

into their run. So try getting up a little earlier to

feel fresher on the start line.


7. Warm up properly

Aim to warm up the joints, particularly ankles,

knees and hips for running

Try some stretches involving movement,

e.g. lunges, squats.


Try some 50metre runs at your target running pace



Thanks for reading.


Check out www.runeatsleep.co.uk for more

running tips & coaching sessions




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