Are you doing these 4 things to Improve Your Running?


I remember when I was first starting out

With running and I was feeling frustrated

With myself for not improving and seeing as much

Progress as I’d like.


So I started reading about and speaking to some

of the top runners/coaches to see what their

training habits were, and how they stayed

motivated and kept improving ALL OF THE TIME.


The thing I noticed was that almost all of the

top runners do a combination of these 4 things 

almost EVERY WEEK.


1. Running with a group

2. Running on your own

3. Running with a friend

4. Running Events/Races


Running with a group

It’s always good to be a part of something and to work with others who are similar to your ability (either slightly better or slightly ‘worse’… not a word I like to use, but you know what I mean)


Running on your own

Getting used to how you feel when you run and being in control of your own run is something everyone should practice.


Running with a friend

It’s always good to catch up with friends and go out for a run together. I currently do this twice a week with my friend Ben “Grylls” Forster.


Running Events

It’s human nature to compare yourself to others and also to want to get better at something. This is what is so great about running events. Try to do these once a month, if not more.  


How many do you currently do?


Thanks for reading,





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Luke is the North East Running Leader of the Year and coaches runners of all abilities with Run Eat Sleep.

He is also the South Shields parkrun Event Director and Hosts the Run For Fun Podcast.

Luke runs for Gateshead Harriers and has Personal Bests of 15.39 for 5k, 32.11 for 10km and 70.57 for Half Marathon.

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