The Monthly Mile

The Monthly Mile is a timed 1 mile race each month for all ages & a wide range of abilities from 15 minutes down to 4 minute runners.

Affiliated with UK athletics & Run Britain, the run has a friendly community feel, and is a great fitness challenge throughout the year to help keep you on track. There are usually up to 100 runners take part – non members/members of other clubs and running groups are most welcome to take part.

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How it works

1. The runs will start at 7.15pm on the first Wednesday of each month.

2. Number collection from 6.30pm-7pm at start area (on coast road path opposite Minchellas cafe & the Ampitheatre). NE33 2LD postcode.

3. The course, start & finish will be marked out and supported by a number of marshals

4. Times will be recorded on the evening & results available

5. Full UKA Race License with easy to follow 1 mile course. Results linked to Run Britain & Power of 10.

6. Please arrive changed & ready to run. Runners MUST wear light reflective clothing for runs from October-March on the dark evenings.

7. Children under 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult on the run at all times as the course is on open public paths.

8. Pre-register via PayPal below or enter on the evening between 6.30pm-7pm

10. Enter the upcoming run for £4 or choose our Yearly Race Pass for 12 races – £18 (£1.50 per run). Please note price increase from 1st June 2023.

Run Options
Full Name
Club (If any)

Course Records

Adrian Bailes 4 minutes 24 seconds

Poppie Phillipson 5 minutes 16 seconds

2024 Dates

Run 1 – Wednesday 1
0th January RESULTS

Run 2 – Wednesday 7th February RESULTS

Run 3 – Wednesday 6th March RESULTS

Run 4 – Wednesday 3rd April RESULTS

Run 5 – Wednesday 1st May RESULTS

Run 6 – Wednesday 5th June 

Run 7 – Wednesday 3rd July

Run 8 – Wednesday 7th August 

Run 9 – Wednesday 11th September 

Run 10 Wednesday 2nd October 

Run 11 – Wednesday 6th November 

Run 12 – Wednesday 4th December

2023 Dates

Wednesday 4th January – RESULTS

Wednesday 1st February RESULTS

Wednesday 1st March RESULTS

Wednesday 5th April RESULTS

Wednesday 3rd May RESULTS

Wednesday 7th June RESULTS

Wednesday 5th July RESULTS

Wednesday 2nd August RESULTS

Wednesday 20th September RESULTS

Wednesday 4th October RESULTS

Wednesday 1st November RESULTS

Wednesday 6th December(rearranged to 13th December due to ice) RESULTS


Run 1 – Wednesday 12th January RESULTS

Run 2 – Wednesday 2nd February RESULTS

Run 3 – Wednesday 9th March RESULTS

Run 4 – Wednesday 6th April RESULTS

Run 5 – Wednesday 4th May RESULTS

Run 6 – Wednesday 1st June RESULTS

Run 7 – Wednesday 6th July CANCELLED

Run 8 – Wednesday 3rd August RESULTS

Run 9 – Wednesday 7th September RESULTS

Run 10 Wednesday 5th October RESULTS

Run 11 – Wednesday 2nd November RESULTS

Run 12 – Wednesday 21st December RESULTS

2022 League Table