Six Great North Run Tips

Last week I did a workshop for
England Athletics for charity runners
doing the Great North Run.

I really enjoyed it and had a chance
to meet more runners and share my
experiences of my first GNR as a charity
runner and how I worked up to finishing in
the top 50.

I know on my first Great North Run I didn’t
know what to expect – so I’ve decided to share
a few of my top tips from last week’s workshop.

Top GNR Tips

1. “Get involved with running events such as parkrun,
The Monthly Mile and Great Run Local to get used
to running with others, being timed and having to
start in a large group.”

2. “try what you are going to eat the morning
before doing the great north run as
part of your training before your long run”

3. “Write a plan, print it off, stick to it and make notes of your progression”

4. “recovery is as important as your training in preparing for the great north run”

5. “get used to running the route in your training”

6. “Get used to doing sprints in your training to increase your running efficiency”
Thanks for reading,
Luke Adams
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About Luke

Luke is a Running Coach and Sports Masseur.

He is the North East Running Leader of the Year and coaches runners of all abilities with Run Eat Sleep.

He is also the creator of The Monthly Mile and hosts the Run Eat Sleep Podcast.

Luke runs for Gateshead Harriers and has Personal Bests of 15.39 for 5k, 32.11 for 10km and 70.57 for Half Marathon.

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