5 Ways to Cope with Running in the Heat


The last thing we all want to do is run in the 

heat. But if we’ve got important runs coming up 

or we want to stay in shape this summer – 

you can’t take a month off running or else you’ll 

lose all of your fitness.


So here’s 5 Simple tips to help you with running in 

the heat…..



1.     Running Early morning or late evening. 

Get up an hour earlier and do a light run before work. 

Or, get yourself out a little later in the evening when 

the sun is going down.  


2.     Wear lighter colours – white vest. You’ll 

probably already know to do this. But it’s a 

simple thing to do as white repels the light, or heat!


3.     Taking some change with you on your run 

and stopping at a shop for a drink. This is great 

for hydrating during your run. Try to avoid sugary 

and energy drinks and instead go bottled water. 

Pick the water at the back of the fridge because 

they’ve probably been cooling for longer.


4.     Hitting the trails. Running in woods are great 

for running in the shade. If you’re in or around the 

North East – try running at Penshaw, or Beamish 

(there’s lots of trees to keep you sheltered from 

that ridiculously hot sun. I coach a few people 

around Newburn and Throckley and there’s 

some great trails around there too.


5.     Wear a cap or headband soaked in water. 

I read about Bill Adcocks doing this quite a bit in 

his marathons. If you’re not sure who he is – 

he’s one of the best British marathon runners 

of all time. Check out some of his running times….

1 mile = 4:15.2
5k = 14:15.4 
10k = 29:01.4
10 miles (road) = 46:24  
Marathon = 2:10:48



Let me know how your running is going in this heat!


Thanks for reading,



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