What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?



Don’t you wish you could speak to

yourself when you were younger

and tell your younger self everything

that you know now?


I know I do!


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Here’s what the conversation would go like….


Me Now – “Hey Luke. What training are you 

doing today? I’m heading out for a speedwork session.

It’s similar to last week’s session but a little harder 

so I know that I’m progressing.”


Younger Me – “Hey Luke. I’m just going to do what 

I usually do and go out for a gentle run, if I can be bothered. 

There’s a random fitness session down the road so I 

might jump in on that and beast myself. 

Are you still training with your coach?”


Me Now – “Yea – he’s been great for me. 

I just looked for the best coach I could – 

based on his previous results with others 

of my ability and experience. I get a new 

training plan to keep me on track and 

we’ve agreed set events to train towards. 

It helps keep me motivated. When I started 

I was the least fit in the group, but I’ve really 

seen the benefit and now I’m loving it. What about you?”


Younger Me – “No I’m just doing my own thing. 

I haven’t seen a lot of progress but I’m just going 

to get fit on my own before I start training with others.”


Me Now – “Oh right. You should try joining a group. 

We’re entering events together and everyone is 

really supportive. You’ll never be made to feel unfit, 

and as long as you’re willing to try you’ll be welcomed 

by everyone.”


Younger Me – “Maybe I’ll think about it. I’m still a little unsure”


Me Now – “All you need to do it take the first step. 

Throw yourself in at the deep end and you won’t regret it! 

Everyone feels a bit unsure at first – but they always 

love the community we have.”


Younger Me – “But I’ll be last.”


Me Now – “You won’t be. Our coach sets the sessions 

so that everyone is never felt to be holding anyone up 

and everyone goes to their own level. They can slow 

down whenever they like”


Younger Me – “Ok, when can I start?”


Me Now – “Just come along to the first session.”


If I was lucky enough to have this conversation 

when I first started out with running, I’m sure 

I would have been a much more complete 

runner and would have achieved things quicker. 

As it happens, I tried it all on my own in the beginning

and getting to where I wanted to be took much 

longer than it should have. I made LOTS of 

mistakes which could have been avoided and I 

learned lots of lessons through trial and error, 

which took so much time.


How can you accelerate your running progress?



I’d like to invite you to my next running camp course 

which starts next Monday and I’ll help you to avoid 

those mistakes and teach you the lessons I’ve 

learned in the past 11 years. We have a strong 

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intermediate level runners. We all love to get out 

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