Tight Calfs and Hamstrings?


Last week I did a session on the track. It’s the 
first time I had done one this year.

I felt great and actually enjoyed it. The thing is,
my hamstrings were ROCK SOLID the next day.

I could barely move. 

I was trying to do some stretching but I find it 
a little boring and always slack off. This makes it
alot harder to recover.

The only time I’ve ever done lots of stretching was
when I was doing it with others. In a yoga class, or
with a coach.

You might feel the same?

The thing is, it’s really important to do flexibility
all of the time.

You can do this with Stretching, Sports Massage
or using a Foam Roller.

Here’s a short clip (featuring my puppy) and how to use a foam roller effectively…..

Thanks for reading,


P.s. I’m going to start up a stretching and flexibility session on sundays from 3pm. It’ll not be like your normal yoga class where you do weird breathing exercises and go to sleep for 15 minutes at the end. It’s just all about improving your flexibility and strengthening yourself up for running. We’ll do some foam rolling too so you’ll need to bring one along. Txt 07584433294 to find out more

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