Week 1 Training Diary

Week 1 Training Diary

Week 1 Training – Starting Monday 9th December



Monday – AM 35 minutes PM 2-3 miles easy with Run Eat Sleep


Tuesday – AM  35 mins easy with Michael Todd PM South Shields Harriers 3.3 miles yachts handicap. 17.20 (20 seconds quicker than last month) Total of around 10-11 miles for the day


Wednesday – AM 38 minutes Penshaw Monument Trail Run with Ben Forster. Got a bit lost trying a new route and we also stuck mainly on heavy farmers fields. A good workout. PM 2-3 miles easy with my athletes.


Thursday – 40 minutes Cleadon Hills. I usually do this route from my mam’s, run up to the water tower, over to marsden quarry and back. 


Friday – Rest Day



Saturday – NE X Country Championship. Xmas Party on Friday night so ran steady. Had 4 pints of lager, 2 jack daniels and coke and a curry. Not my usual routine at all! Didn’t plan to run this but wanted to help the team. Finished 2nd team and won a silver medal. Individually I came in 26th position which I was happy with. Good solid training run. 9-10 miles including warm up/cool down



Sunday – AM 2-3 miles with Run Eat Sleep Trail Running Club. I had planned to run 35 minutes on the evening but I went over on my ankle and didn’t want to risk further injury.



Total = 43 miles approx. (Aim at the start of the week was 45-50 miles)


I’m not normally too worried about exact figures on my miles. I never really measure miles and normally guess on the amount of time I’ve ran. I usually class 30 minutes as 4 miles. I don’t own a garmin. Forrest Gump never used one and he did alright.


Pretty happy with how my week went overall. Went out on friday night which I had planned. Saturday was basically just a run out for me and I didn’t really ‘race’ it, so to speak. Overall a good solid week and feeling recovered ready to hit 50 miles next week with 2 key sessions.


Silver Medal My NE X Country Team Silver Medal



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