How to Enjoy your Running Again in 3 Simple Steps.

You know – I always feel amazing when I’m enjoying my running. I’m guessing if you’re reading this you know that feeling too. You get in from your run on a high – and you want to tell EVERYBODY how good you feel! I do this A LOT!!


Alongside this though – is the feeling of being down in the dumps about yourself when you’re not enjoying your running and not doing so well! I get this around 3 or 4 times a year. You know that feeling too – You don’t want to run – you’d rather be chilling out, having a beer or doing something more enjoyable!


We all know that we love running when we’re feeling good – but we just can’t seem to enjoy it when things aren’t going so well.



So I thought I’d let you in on a couple of tricks that I use to help me to enjoy my running again.


1.    Run with a friend that makes you laugh and smile


When you’re not enjoying your running training – you begin to have feelings of boredom and lack of enjoyment when runnin. This can cause you to associate running with negative thoughts.


This is VERY common in beginners as they tend to train on their own and sometimes aren’t sure of even HOW to get fitter – leaving them frustrated and unfit. You may know this feeling too?


So you could try find a training partner or a group of people to train with. Find someone that you enjoy spending time with. Someone to laugh and joke with while you’re out running. You’ll then begin to have feelings of enjoyment and having fun – running becomes associated with positive thoughts and you’re more likely to continue and make more progress… which only adds to the sense of enjoyment and positive emotions.


TIP – Just having a training partner is not enough! Having a friend that brings out positive emotions is VITAL. If you have someone that drains your energy or always moans (don’t you just want them to SHUT UP???) then this is less likely  to work!


2.    Run in daylight hours


Throughout the winter – your runs are highly likely to be in the dark in the early morning or the evening.


Again – running gets associated with the dark, wet nights and you can fall into the habit of just calling your run off and relaxing in front of the fire place. The likelihood is that you WILL have to run in the dark most of the time.


However, you should try to find time to get out and get some sunlight – if there is any!!! In my hometown of South Shields – you’re lucky if you see any at all throughout the year. Just kidding – it’s great (sometimes!!).


So…. If you’re at work during the day – try taking your running shorts and trainers with you to work and getting out for a little run on your lunchbreak. This doesn’t need to be every day – but you will enjoy running in the daylight a little bit more and it breaks up the running in darkness routine. If you suffer from the winter blues – getting some sunlight alongside a vitamin D supplement may be beneficial. Message me for more information on these.


3.    Find somewhere new to run


The greatest thing about running is the ability to do it almost ANYWHERE! You can run on almost every terrain and in almost any climate. Yet most people tend to stick to the same roads and the same routes OVER AND OVER!! This is one of the main reasons I think people get bored of running.


Here’s what you can do –


Find a place that you’ve always wanted to visit, or choose a route that you’ve never even done before. Experiment! Enjoy it! Get lost in the moment! RUN!


How about….

A park?

Castle grounds?

The beach?

The Countryside?


My favourite places to run are filled with trees, rivers and of course plenty of trails and hills (OH HOW I LOVE HILLS!). I rarely run on roads or on the same routes because I like to “escape” from cars, traffic, NOISE!


Cleadon Hills – My favourite place to run.


Go for a run TODAY and go a different way to usual. Drive somewhere new.




Thanks for reading,



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