The Monthly Mile

North East Running Project of the Year Award

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Event Information and run dates for 2019


Wednesday 9th January – RESULTS
Wednesday 6th February – RESULTS
Wednesday 6th March – RESULTS
Wednesday 3rd April – RESULTS
Wednesday 1st May – RESULTS
Wednesday 5th June – RESULTS
Wednesday 3rd July – RESULTS
Wednesday 7th August – RESULTS
Wednesday 4th September – RESULTS
Wednesday 2nd October – RESULTS
Wednesday 6th November – RESULTS
Wednesday 4th December – RESULTS

Pay Per Event £2.50 for adults (child’s entry under 12 includes 1 adult to supervise)

All runs start at 7.15pm.

Registration from 6.30pm in The New Crown, South Shields. NE33 3NG

Collect your race number on the night.

Subscribe to our 2020 yearly membership below for just £16!

Wednesday 8th January 2020 RESULTS
Wednesday 3rd February 2020
Wednesday 3rd March 2020
Wednesday 7th April 2020
Wednesday 5th May 2020
Wednesday 2nd June 2020
Wednesday 7th July 2020
Wednesday 25th August 2020 (please note the later week in month)
Wednesday 8th September 2020 (please note the later week in month)
Wednesday 6th October 2020
Wednesday 3rd November 2020
Wednesday 1st December 2020

The membership is renewed every January. On signing up to the yearly membership – you’ll be automatically added to our register and you just need to turn up at your first event. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Name of Runner

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League Table Points Scoring

1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place etc = 100 points, 99 points, 98 points etc
Break the Course Record = 200 points
Take part in all 12 races = 200 points
Take part in 6 runs in a row = 100 points
Volunteer = 100 points (up to 2 runs)
Take part in 6 races in any order = 60 points
Take part in 3 races in any order = 30 points