South Shields Landmark Virtual

The RES Landmark Virtual is back with a brand new list of landmarks to discover this October.

The challenge involves a combination of running or walking, navigation and visiting some hidden gems within our area. The checkpoints can be completed in any order and you can navigate your own route. 

The route will start & finish in South Shields and will be around 8 miles in distance, depending on the route you take.



  1. We will post a photo of the start & finish point, each of the landmarks, and will provide a map to view for all entrants of the event on Sunday 4th October.
  2. You can complete the challenge from Monday 5th October to Sunday 1st November. Results will be posted on Monday 2nd November.
  3. The landmarks will be listed in Alphabetical Order. You can visit the landmarks in any order you wish. 
  4. Take a selfie or team photo close to the landmarks as safely & respectfully possible, to prove you have visited. 
  5. Participants must share their team names, distance covered, photos & overall elapsed time in the Virtual Challenge Facebook group to submit their team.
  6. Results will take into account how many landmarks were completed & the time taken. 
  7. Runners MUST follow the latest government & social distancing guidelines, including when taking the photos. 
  8. You can run or walk on your own, with family members or with up to 6 people total in a team (if able to stay 2 metres apart at all times). If local guidelines change you may need to split your team into smaller groups or individuals.
  9. We advise you to take a fully charged mobile phone, money, drinks & snacks with you.
  10. You may complete the challenge by a combination of running & walking.
  11. We will take all submissions in good faith and hope you all enjoy the event for some light hearted running fun!

*TO TAKE PART* Team entries must be made before Sunday 4th October

  1. All entries must be made before taking part. The challenge is £6 per participant. You may have up to 6 participants in one team.
  2. To enter a team – CLICK HERE
  3. Once you have entered your team using the link above, you can request to join our members group CLICK HERE TO JOIN
  4. After completing the challenge you can post your names & team names, photos, times and route maps into the RES Virtual Challenge Facebook group (listed above)
  5. Results and Leaderboard