RES August Landmark Virtual Results

PositionTeam MembersDistanceTime (Hours/Mins)Landmarks
1Phil Freestone9.611.0913
2Carl Mowatt and Jay Bowley9.581.1213
3Daniel Gregg9.611.1213
4Gill Wallace, Angi Effard, Michelle Bays & Jeannette Hewitson9.851.2313
5Chris Elliott and Dan Carter9.751.3313
6Neil Reay9.871.4913
7Michelle Lovatt9.961.5513
8Jess and Jon Heyworth11.181.5713
9Kellie, Dave and Pat12.131.5813
10Sam Smith10.921.5913
11Fiona Morrison and Liz Coley10.692.0613
12Sue and Rob Barnes9.833.2213
13Ellen Crossley and Alex Brand10.33.2213
14Joanne and Peter10.63.4513
15Vikki Wilshire, Mel Rogers and Fay Carter9.681.2812
16Chris Bryson9.451.3812
17Fran Dembele and Mel Cooke Dunlop9.811.4012
18Steph Elliott9.81.5912
19Helen, Donna, Joanne, Jamie, Catherine and Danielle13.13.0712
20Denise Grieves and Julie Nowlin10.453.1112
21Julie, Lisa, Jillian, Anna, Joan & Karen10.173.1412