Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be the slowest in the group and will I be left behind?


At Run Eat Sleep we have a strict Nobody Gets Left Behind Policy

and our coaches are experts at helping people of all abilities.

You’ll never be made to feel you are slow or holding anybody

back and you’ll only be encouraged to run to your fitness level.


Will people look at me?


In your first session you’ll be introduced to our friendly group

and will be supported by the rest of the members and your coach.

Everyone was once a new starter and everyone will be helpful

and make you feel welcome.


Will I be the oldest, youngest in the group?


Our members’ ages range from 20 to 60 years of age

– and everyone is treated in the same way – with

encouragement and friendliness.


Do I have to be a runner to join?


Our definition of a runner is somebody that

already runs or wants to start running.

Whether you’re a beginner, improver or

an intermediate runner = we’d love to have

you come and progress your running with us.


I get out of breathe really easily, will I be able to do it?

Being out of breathe is a good thing. It’s a sign that

you’re pushing your body and getting a good workout –

which is what you need to improve. We encourage you

to get a little out of breathe and take rests if you need them.

Even the best runners take rests in their training sessions

when they’re out of breathe.


What happens if I can’t make all of the sessions?


We understand that things come up where you may not be

able to make a session. We expect you to give your coach

notice before the training session and you will be able to

receive the training session, which you can do in your own

time at home. We encourage you to do this to make sure

you are progressing each week.


Do I have to enter running events?


We encourage you to take part in running events as they are

fun to take part in and are great for keeping things exciting

and a goal to focus on, but you won’t be forced into anything

you don’t want to do.


What will I need to wear?


All you need is a pair of running trainers and some suitable

clothing for running in. We train outdoors so it’s important

to keep your clothing appropriate for a wide range of weather conditions.


What do you do in the sessions and how far do you run?


We use a wide variety of training methods that have been proven

to improve runners of all abilities. These include group runs,

hill running, track running, trail running, interval training.

You’ll run, jog or walk anywhere from 1 mile – 4 miles in a single

training session.


When can I start?

You can contact us at Luke@RunEatSleep.co.uk or call 07584433294

and we’ll be in touch to get you ready for your first training session.

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