Winter Trail Challenge 5 – Downhill Dash

Thank you to all runners for taking part in the final challenge of the series. We look forward to trying some new challenges this Summer and hope to see you out on the trails again shortly!

League standings & winners to be confirmed.

For best view of results, turn phone screen to side.

PositionRace NumberName Time 
145Conal Tufnell  14.10
2VJay Bowley  15.26
3162Paul Emmerson  15.48
4125Philip Johnston  17.22
5163Alexa Reid  17.33
6165Ray Maddison  17.44
7154Michael Ingoe  17.55
8122Kris  Lockney  18.09
9126Neve King-Jones  18.13
10164Mick Bunn  18.17
11VCarl Mowatt  18.46
12167Peter Harris  20.33
1332Bobby Stewart  20.53
14161Sarah Thorell  21.19
15168Peter Agar  23.21
16158Dave Brack  24.03
17175Michelle Lovatt  24.15
18VNeil Reay  25.08
19132Julie Nowlin  29.20