Winter Challenge 3 – Team 5km

Well done to all teams taking part in the latest challenge! Thank you for supporting the run and to our brilliant volunteer team!

For best view of results please turn phone screen to side

Team results

Pos.Runner 1R1 TimeRunner 2R2 TimeTotal TimePoints
1Jay Bowley19.19Carl Mowatt22.4800:42:07100
2Jacob Hopper22.48Paul Emmerson20.1600:43:0499
3Fran Dembele21.27Phil Johnston21.5400:43:2198
4Brian Bailes22.43Ruth Dadswell21.3100:44:1497
5Conal Tufnell21.44Darcey Tullis23.1600:45:0096
6Gary Stobbs22.22Mary Stobbs22.5600:45:1895
7David Hopper23.05David Hopper23.0500:46:1094
8Michael Ingoe23.33Alexa Reid23.3800:47:1193
9Michael Bunn24.05Neve King Jones23.1100:47:1692
10Kris Lockney24.52Ray Maddison24.5200:49:4491
11Bobby Stewart27.04Bobby Stewart27.0400:54:0890
12Jess Sloan29.52Peter Harris29.0500:58:5789
13Rhianne Dixon30.26Sarah Thorell28.5200:59:1888
14Karen Beagarie29.29Peter Agar30.5001:00:1987
15Neil Reay32.04Michelle Lovatt32.0401:04:0886
16Michelle Stephens30.47Julie Nowlin34.1901:05:0685
17Hilary O’Shea35.22Hilary O’Shea35.2201:10:4484
18George Routledge46.54Janette Kilgour39.2701:26:2183

Individual Times

PositionRace NumberName Time 
1127Jay Bowley  19.19
2162Paul Emmerson  20.16
36Fran Dembele  21.27
4156Ruth Dadswell  21.31
521Conal Tufnell  21.44
6125Philip Johnston  21.54
725Garry Stobbs  22.22
810Brian Bailes  22.43
9124Carl Mowatt  22.48
1077Jacob Hopper  22.48
1128Mary Stobbs  22.56
1279David Hopper  23.05
13126Neve King-Jones  23.11
1489Darcey  Tullis  23.16
15154Michael Ingoe  23.33
16163Alexa Reid  23.38
17164Mick Bunn  24.05
18167Kris  Lockney  24.52
19165Ray Maddison  24.52
2032Bobby Stewart  27.04
21161Sarah Thorell  28.52
22122Peter Harris  29.05
2382Karen Beagarie  29.29
243Jess Sloan  29.52
25174Rhianne Dixon  30.26
26166Michelle Stephens  30.47
27168Peter Agar  30.50
28175Michelle Lovatt  32.04
29172Neil Reay  32.04
30177Julie Nowlin  34.19
3119Hilary O’Shea  35.22
32128Janette Kilgour  39.27
3324George Routledge  46.54