Section 4 – South Shields Boundary Round

Section 4 (3.6 miles) Marsden Grotto to The Groyne via The Leas

Terrain – Mix of Road, Grass & Trail

1. Continue past Marsden Grotto.
2. Follow the coastal path along the cliffs onto the Leas. 
3. Go down the first set of steps and up the other side and take a right along the coastal path.
4. Follow the coast path along the cliff tops for just over 1 mile, before taking a right down a hill towards Trow Quarry (This turn is easily missed, so please look out for the path to the right. Green bin and wooden post as markers to look out for)
5. Follow the trail path all the way onto the Sandhaven Beach promenade (do not cut across grass)
6. Follow to the end of the coastal path and take a left towards the promenade
7. After joining the promenade, stay on the same path for 1 mile all the way to the South Shields Volunteer Bridage building on the pier. The path bears to the right and goes behind the fair.

8. Once you reach the pier, take a left and head towards the Little Haven beach promenade.

9. Take a right along the promenade and follow the paths all the way back to the Groyne via the weebles/conversation piece.

10. Reach the Groyne to Finish