Run with RES 2019

Run Eat Sleep – South Shields is inviting new runners to get started with our run club in 2019.

The New Year is a fantastic time to start running as motivation is high and there’s lots of people also getting started on their fitness goals.

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Our run club is led by our friendly run coach Luke Adams and is ideal for…

1. New starters and absolute beginners

2. Losing Weight and Toning up

3. Building up the distance of your runs

4. Helping with your breathing

5. Getting ready for the Great North Run 2019 

6. Training for upcoming running events and charity runs. 


Your first run will include a chat with Luke and the other runners and a gentle walk, jog and run to get started. We always stick together and there will be nobody made to feel left behind, slow or embarrassed. Everyone has to start somewhere and we progress our runs each week. 


Taster Sessions

Tuesday 8th January & Tuesday 15th January. 

6.45pm at the New Crown, South Shields seafront. 

(If you’re unable to make a taster or Tuesday evenings, there are other sessions also available on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays at 6.45pm. Contact for more details)


Membership Options 

Membership includes Tuesday evenings and all other midweek sessions.

8 week Membership £40

Yearly Membership 2019 – £100 (can be paid in installments) 

Please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER before making payment below to join.


Member Options