Landmark Virtual February 2021

Start & Finish – Bamburgh Pub. Car parking available along Coast Road.

Landmark Map – CLICK HERE

1. Arbeia Way Sign
2. Beachball Stone Art
3. Civil Defence Control Centre remains.
4. European Regional Development Fund Plaque
5. Mr Peebles Diary – “Homegrown” (There are a number of these scattered around so choose correctly)
6. “I can see the Town” stone art
7. Linnet Way Information Board
8. North Marine Park Gates

9. Outdoor Bar. Please let the pubs be open soon!
10. Peter’s Bench
11. Social Distancing Sign. Always keep 5 lions apart…
12. St Hilda’s Colliery Mill Memorial
13. Stone Poem
14. West End War Memorial. Photos can be taken from the perimeter fence.
15. William Sutton Trust Monument