Landmark Challenge Results 2020

PositionTeam NameFinish Time (Hours. Mins)Checkpoints 
1Bo Mo1.2524
2Team Tedious 11.2724
3Got to get to Greggs1.3124
5Darcey’s Renegades1.4824
6Silky Striders1.5324
7Coast Busters 21.5524
8Merry Runningmas1.5524
9Three Muskateers2.0124
10Team Tedious 22.0624
11Sundae Strollers2.1124
12Die Hards2.1224
13JCM Lads2.1224
14The Ones that went to Whitby2.1424
15Running Idiots2.1724
16Pont us in the right direction2.2224
17What a Treat (Again)2.2224
18Which Way?2.2724
20Runfit Disowned2.3124
21Misguided Missiles2.3324
22Not Fast, Just Furious2.3324
23Millfield Ladies2.3424
24Nuns on the Run2.3424
25The Flagging Fillies2.3424
26The Pont of no return2.3524
27What a lovely View Pont2.3524
28Who Needs Sleep2.3524
29Beer to Beer2.3624
30The Lost Girls2.4224
31Yorkshire Tea Ladies2.4824
32Pont to Pont2.4924
33The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. You Decide2.4924
34Scrambled Legs and Aching2.5124
35Charlies Angels2.5324
36SeafRUNt Smilers 2.5324
37SeafRUNt Smilers 22.5324
38Lady and the Tramps2.5524
39If Found please return to Silky Striders3.1724
40Franks Angels3.1824
41Monkey Runners2.0623
42McBryson Navigation2.1522
43Riverside Jogs 2.4522
44These Girls Can Run on tour3.2322