Great North Run PB Project

The Great North Run Personal Best Project is a 12 week online coaching programme with Luke Adams. 

Luke has ran 1 hour 10 minutes for the Great North Run and has been named South Tyneside’s Fastest Finisher several times.



There will be 3 programmes you can follow dependant on your ability – beginner, intermediate and advanced and will include….


  • A four week mileage and conditioning programme starting Monday 25th May


  • A 12 week training plan based on YOUR fitness level starting Monday 22nd June


  • Online Coaching with Luke Adams
  • A Facebook Support Group with other runners
  • Weekly Tips and Strategies
  • Organised Weekend Long Runs with others
  • Access to all of Luke’s best Running Resources


Online Videos teaching you….

  • What pace to run in training
  • What you should eat Before and After your Runs
  • How to mark out your own Routes
  • How to get fitter
  • How to reduce your Injuries

On signing up to the programme below – you’ll be added to the closed facebook group and have access to the full programme from the start date.


Book your place now – £135 or 3 monthly instalments of £45

Current RES members (8 sessions or unlimited per month) will be included on the programme 


You can also pay Monthly