Challenge 3 – Team Trail

Thank you to all teams taking part and to the volunteer team out on the course. For best view of results please turn phone screen to side.

OverallRunner 1R1 TimeRunner 2R2 Time Total Time
1Conal Tufnell22.02Solo 22.0244.04
2Jay Bowley22.04Carl Mowatt26.3948.43
3Jacob Hopper25.14David Hopper25.2250.36
4Michael Ingoe27.40Brian Bailes25.5553.35
5Alexa Reid30.07Paul Emmerson24.3054.37
6Neve King Jones28.32Davy King Jones30.3859.10
7Mick Bunn29.57Solo 29.5759.54
8Jamie Ailano32.33Ray Maddison27.5060.23
9Pete Agar38.29Karen Beagrie36.4775.16
10Hilary O’Shea42.02Nick Box38.1180.13