Running Technique

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Does your Running technique just not feel right?

Do you sometimes feel slow?

Do you feel like your feet slap off the ground?



The Perfect Running Technique Might be for you. 

Would you….


love for your running to feel effortless?

 like to feel like a ‘proper’ runner?

like to be able to run on your toes?

like to be able to run faster times?


The Perfect Running Technique Programme Consists of…..

3 x Running Technique Coaching Sessions with Luke Adams

Video Analysis and Slow Motion Replays

Running Assessments

Homework Training


Here’s what people had to say about The Perfect Running Technique….

"In just 3 sessions of running, practice & strength work,
I can see a big improvement in my running technique.
Luke is great, as he videos you so you can see where
you are going wrong, especially in slow motion playbacks.

Also gradually learning forefoot running, I have found
that my knee aches have disappeared as I am not heel
striking now.

I can recommend this running technique to anyone looking
to improve their running.”

Derek Steele



“A massive thank you to Luke Adams from runeatsleep
for helping me with my running technique. He gave
me practical advice that I could implement straight
away and the results are brilliant. I have taken
17 seconds off my park run time and 29 seconds
off my monthly mile time. I would definitely
recommend looking at your running technique
with Luke as it works! My new times speak for themselves.”

Jeanette Hewitson


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