Sports Massage

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Struggling with Tight or sore muscles?

Constant ache or pain in a particular area?

Need to recover from a heavy training session or running event?

Looking to prepare your muscles for an upcoming event?


You can Book in a Sports Massage with Luke Adams Today!

Call 07584433294

(Based in South Shields)

The massage by Luke definitely contributed to in my eyes, my best race. There’s no awkwardness with what I perceived a sports massage would be and the whole thing was very relaxed. I’d definitely recommend it to any athlete regardless of ability or sport.” 

Nick Joyce


“I pretty much resigned myself to a few months out after suffering pain in my calf around my Achilles. I rested for a week with no improvement and then tried a sports massage from Luke. After that I went out running the next day and haven’t had any issues since. Brilliant!”  

Lee Hogan 


“I had a back massage from LUKE which sorted my aches and pains out straight away. The pressure was good and made me feel better within a day or so.”

Tracey Ford

£20 for 30 minutes

£30 for 60 minutes

Contact or 07584433294 

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