Beginner Run Club

Are you interested in getting started running in South Shields?
Run Eat Sleep – South Shields is starting an 8 week running course for beginners on Tuesday 10th September led by local runner and coach Luke Adams
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Introductory Run – New Crown Pub on Tuesday 10th September 6.45pm.
This will be a quick chat about what the course will entail and there will be a light introductory walk, jog & run to get you started.
The course will be fun, easy going & catered for all levels.
Ideal for….
1. New starters from absolute beginner
2. Getting started towards the Great North Run
3. Those getting back into running & fitness after some time out.
4. Meeting new friends and running with others for safety
5. Building up to running your first Parkrun or 5k
6. Learning new and fun ways to exercise
The course is for 8 weeks to build up to running 30-45 minutes.
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After the 8 week course you can continue with the Run Eat Sleep Run Club and develop your running further with our regular groups on most nights of the week.
To get started – you can commit to the 8 week course by registering below.
All you need to do is turn up for your introductory run at the New Crown and you will be greeted by our coach Luke. 

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